G. I. Binding Wire for Steel Rebars Tying in Concrete Construction Industry


Galvanized SWG Binding Wire
Finish: Electro galv. iron wire, hot dip galv. or galvanized annealed.
Forms of Supply: Cut wire, U type, loop ties or coil wire. Flat wire or round wire.
Popular Gauges:

  1. 16 Gauge
  2. 18 Gauge
  3. 20 Gauge
  4. 21 Gauge
  5. 22 Gauge

Product Variety

Galvanized Steel Rebar Ties in Coil

Bar Ties in SWG, galvanized and annealed wire

Binding wire 0.8mm, electro-galvd. annealed, 10kg per coil.

3.5lbs coil wire, steel wire for construction rebar tying and securing

No. 16 gauge electro galvanised tying wire, for reinforcement fixing

U Type G. I. Wire

Bundling Wire, Hot Dip Galvanized Iron Tying Wire

1.6mm U type bent mild steel binding wire, hot dip galvanized finish, in bundles

Cut Type Galvanized and annealed with added corrosion protection. Available in 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 Gauge

Galvanized Steel Bundling Wire, 18 #, Cut to Size

18 gauge g.i. wire for tying deformed steel bars in the construction field.

Constructional Binding Wire in Both Galvanized and Black Steel

Constructional Wire, Steel Wire, Binding Wire

Galvanized and Non Galvanized (3KG/Bundle), 0.3 to 5m long Pre cut; pvc coated / galvanized / straight cut wire, SIZE: 21 SWG, 3kg / bundle, or 25 Kgs Bundles.